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“Hannah gave me a very profound session of a different healing approach, BodyTalk, in which she is a certified practitioner. I am in mourning for my father and it was very helpful to have someone to help me tune in to my body and release a lot of emotion. 3 days later I am feeling very clear and light, probably something to do with this session. Thanks, Hannah!” Cathy

“Hannah, thank you so much for the Bodytalk session. I was skeptical going into it but by the end of the session I was already wanting another session. I'm amazed that you sensed what was blocking me so quickly and accurately. I was unexpectedly brought to tears. I felt much more in tune with my feelings week after our session and would like to schedule another one soon.   Thanks again!”   Sarah G.

“Huge Gratitude for the Body Talk Session I received. Hannah is sweet, kind, professional and extremely intuitive. I felt safe, loved, and cared for during our entire session. I was able to relax, move some sadness and pain, shifting unneeded emotions that no longer serve from my body with Hannah's skilled technique. I will be scheduling another session with Hannah very soon. May All Beings Be Well, and All Bodies Be Loved”.  Alegria Alegria

"Hannah is a caring and attentive bodyworker. BodyTalk is a great companion modality and is often very relaxing. Hannah takes time to explain what she's doing and listens well. She creates a safe and non-judgemental space for healing."    -Valerie

“So yesterday I went to a faire here in Eugene and saw this girl doing BodyTalk... One of my most favorite modalities of healing. Hannah Christina Torres the sweetness and dedicated healer that she is worked on me even though she had been on her feet since 8am. My immune system has been worn down and for the last couple of weeks I have been borderline not well. I asked her to ask my body. Within minutes she received feedback that the chemicals being sprayed were challenging my system because emotionally I am a little unstable with the uncertainty of where I will live next. She cleared me within minutes. That story to tell you that today for the first time in a very long time I am pinging with energy, not tired and drained like I normally am and it's noticeable! Thank you so much Hannah! Who is in Eugene! If anyone needs any healing I highly recommend her so very much!” -Alexandra

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